Construction of EM-4 Universal Spacecraft

In the search for a quick and simple project, we set our sights on EM-4 Miniatures’ Universal Spacecraft.

  1. This kit comes with 12 spaceships, each with its own unique design.

2) For our project, we split the spaceships into six groups. Each group was painted with its own colour scheme.

3) Once painted, the models were vanished with a layer of dark wash to enhance the details of the ships.

Construction of Bandai Ohm with Nausicaa

As the cold weather sets in, we have been getting back into model making. Our latest creation is the fourteen-eyed baby Ohm from the legendary anime Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

1) The kit comes with coloured plastic sprues of one Ohm, Nausicaa, and Teto.

2) Here is the constructed model before painting. The Ohm’s eyes come in clear plastic, you can choose to paint it blue (when its calm) or red (when its angry). You could also add LEDs instead of painting, but we are not going so high-tech here – angry it will be!

3) In the film, Nausicaa came to the rescue of the baby Ohm when it was wounded and captured. We drilled into the Ohm shell and glued on harpoons to recreate this scene.

4) Contrary to the guide we painted the Ohm grey. In the film the rescue happened in the dark, so the Ohm never looked green to us.

5) Here is the completed Ohm with the eyes glued on.

6) Metallic blue paint was mixed with simulated water to model the Ohm’s injuries.