Construction of Revell 1:72 patrol Torpedo Boat PT-579

We were commissioned to build a Torpedo boat! Couldn’t tell who was happier – the customer, who had their boat built, or us, who got to make something instead of doing paperwork.

We decided not to add the clear windows because they were a little fiddly to glue on and you can’t really see through them.
The deck appears to be used for another Torpedo boat kit, so right at the start we drilled around 30 holes onto it. The positions of the holes are clearly labelled on the bottom.
We glued on the parts that are same colour as the deck and spray-painted it. Next, we constructed the remaining components and dry-fitted it on to the deck.
We primed the remaining components and painted on the camouflage scheme.
The hull was masked and painted.
Finally, we glued all the parts together and here is the finished boat.